Saturday, October 4, 2008

Finally Finishing

Okay so here are the last couple of pictures from this last weekend.

Uncle Scottie and Tyler cuddling on the couch our last night there.

This picture is funny once you know whats going on. We were all getting ready to go to the play ground and were being a little neglectful of Tyler. He had been asking for his shoes and I kept telling him that mommy was ALMOST ready and then I would help him. I had gotten them out and set him by the door so he decided to take it upon himself to put them on. He came running in the kitchen shouting "I DID IT!" He sure did do it! Only they were on the wrong feet, he had no socks on and the tongue was completely twisted! haha He was so proud though so we took a picture. In the picture he was saying, "I DID IT!"

And here is Miss Bradlie in her Halloween costume! How freaking cute is that?!?!

Here is my handsome little dude with his Uncle Scotties hat on...oh yeah and he is lifting his shirt up! haha We got int he habit of that this week because he saw mommy showing daddy her tummy over the web cam. He wanted to do it too. We laughed at this picture because I don't know who has seen the Demi Moore pregnant picture where she is naked but covering her privates. My brother Scott used to impersonate her all the time when he was little and would stick out his tummy like this. We just thought it was funny because it looks like that is what Tyler is doing, plus he looks a lot like Uncle Scottie with the hat on. And that, is FINALLY all the pictures I wanted to post. Hope it was worth the wait ;)

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