Saturday, October 4, 2008

365 week 16

I was SOOOOO far behind it took me a while to figure out what days we did what but I got it now and hopefully I can get this posted with only one try because I REALLY need to go to bed.

Day 1

Right before church ( and I wonder why church is always so horrible with him! )

Day 2

We had a funfilled day with Aunt Kristy and NO naps. It went over well though and after dinner Noah and Kristy came over and played. Tyler got wet from the hose and they played baseball. I use the term "play" loosely. You should have seen my kid hold the bat!

Day 3

This is me before I went shopping by myself! WOO HOO It's blurry but I actually liked the way I looked in this one better then the one I posted before.

Day 4

Tyler playing outside. He was trying to move the branch out of the way and it tickles his face.

Day 5

We went to a park and it was right by the mountain and I was able to get this shot right before the sun went behind the hill and shaded this mountain.

Day 6

I have two for this one because I had already saved one as the picture for the day and then realized I had wanted to use a different one. That's what happens when you wait until 3 weeks later to figure these all out. This first one is ofmy sister Kristy and Noah. I liked it because it looks like they are cuddling but she was actually being mean and trying to throw him in the water! haha Sucka! Noah was being a punk and didn't want to get wet so she figured she'd help him out a bit...he's smiling, don't worry.

This one is one of my favorites. We were playing at Kristy's house and I went to the bathroom. I heard Tyler say, "I'm not scared aunt Kristy" which means something scared him. haha He tries reverse psychology on himself but it didn't work. It turns out he was scared of the carebears dolls so about 2 minutes later I hear, "I not scared" or something like that and he was fine again. Kristy was cracking up and I came out of the bathroom to find this. They scared him so he put blocks over their heads so he didn't have to look at them. My kid is so smart! and it freaking cracked us up!


Playing with grandpa never gets old

I have week 17 all done too but since it is almost 12 I REALLY should go to bed. Tyler was throwing up today and so he went to bed late and I really should get to bed in case he gets sick again. I'll write about that some other time because I am sure you are ALL dying to know about throw up! ;)

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