Monday, October 6, 2008

Before I forget

Tyler has been REALLY into the Movie Toy Story. He just watched it for the first time and it was a hit right away with him. I figured it would be. So he has been quoting from it. One day him and I were laying in my bed. It was first thing in the morning and he had crawled into my bed to greet me. He started talking about Toy Story and mention the line, "My hat is under my boot" And I said, "Yeah the hat wasn't under his boot but it said Andy huh?" He kind of looked at me and then he picked up his foot and pointed to the bottom of it and said, "It says Momma on my foot!" I thought that was the cutest freaking thing ever! He IS all mine for now! And I just love when he makes little connection and things like that. He amazes me every day with how smart he can be.