Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I've Been DYING to update

Man I have been dying to update this thing. I got home later on Sunday and the internet wasn't working. DOH! Figures right. After being without for so long I was dying to post some pictures and what not. So I was so SAD it wasn't working. We didn't get it up and working again until last night. By that time I had had a long day and was SO tired. I got on here and wrote one sentence and then said screw it. HAHA Today I am super tired again. I hate recovering from vacation. Tyler was kind of grouchy since he wasn't getting naps and going to bed WAY late, so he kept making me carry him every where. For some of you with small babies that would be no big thang but considering that mine is up to 42 lbs now and I am 24 weeks pregnant, it was very difficult for me. My back hurt so bad that a sudden move would kill me. One day when it was hurting me really bad I kept getting the hick ups. It was awful because I would hick up and my lungs would expand and then I would get shooting pains all over my back. It sucked. Any ways. I am going to just go through my days and post what happened. I made some collages so I didn't have to post a thousand pictures to make it a little easier. Hopefully I can get this done and feel better. :) I just feel so anxious knowing that I haven't updated this in so long and we have been doing stuff every day. So here we go.

Sunday, we just went about our day like normal except we stayed home from church. I packed and did laundry and stuff like that. I gave Tyler a bath too because I had no clue when he would get another one. Around 4 or so in the afternoon we got into the car and started for Vegas. Tyler actually fell asleep which was really nice. We made it to Vegas and stopped for the night at my friend Becky's house. She has two big dogs that are still puppies and they freaked Tyler out and he kept crying. That's where the me holding him began as well. We went to dinner and Tyler was pretty good. He actually ate some food too which impressed me. Then we went to the store really quick to get yogurt and milk for Tyler. Tyler was having fun running and Steve ( Becky's husband ) was having fun egging him on. :) We went back and watched some TV and Tyler fell asleep. I put him to bed and we all went to bed between 10 and 11. The next day we got up early. We jumped in the car to leave and Tyler's DVD player wouldn't work! That was the main reason I even CONSIDERED going to Cali by myself with him. His DVD charger for the car has a short in it so one minute it would be working and the next minute it would stop. It made for a very interesting trip. We stopped in Baker to eat and then in Barstow to run around at the outlet mall. It was ALL clothes stores there so Tyler didn't want to go into any of them. They had little kids rides all over and he had to get onto every single one. Here are some pictures

This is one of many but you get the idea. We did this for like an hour while I was trying to get a hold of someone to hang out with when we got there. My friend Heather finally called me back and told me she got off of work at 4. So we left and went straight to Covina and got food. Capri Deli and it was freaking fabulous. Then I took Tyler to a play ground. Here is another picture or two

Cody and I took engagement pictures at this park and we have one of us on this plane thing Tyler is sitting on. So naturally, I had to take one of him on it too. The boat one I was trying to get him to do the "I'm the king of the world" thing but it looks more like he is yelling, "Man overboard" haha
We had met Heather at Round Table and it was taking me FOREVER to eat because Tyler was running around and playing with the video games. I had half of my personal pizza and I was starving. So I boxed it and then freaking LEFT IT THERE! Grrrrrr. But it was really good seeing Heather and catching up on things with her. Here is a picture of Heather and Tyler playing video games and then one of Heather and I. I look awful but Heather looks cute! :)

After dinner I gassed up and headed to Myra's house. We made it to her house at the same time she did and just hung out and talked most of the night. We went to bed late and suffered for it the next day. :) but what else are you supposed to do on vacation.
Tuesday I wrote about all ready. That was our beach day. We went to Tommy's and it was FABULOUS! I took a picture of my food to post just because it doesn't even look appealing at all but when you taste it.....it's like an orgasm in your mouth. Here's the picture

Looks gross huh? I swear its the best chili ever! I don't even really like chili and I LOVE It! Okay kids...I talked about the beach already which we did after having Tommy's. I am going to stop for now and finish updating the rest of the week later tonight or tomorrow. I need to go make dinner. Hope everyone else had a great week. I haven't been able to catch up yet on every one else so hopefully in the next day or two I will.


Stacor said...

Maximus has that shirt Tyler's wearing. Go Target! And Tommy's doesn't know how to make their food look appealing, it just tastes damn good. Very good comparing it to an orgasm in your mouth.

Kade and Emily said...

Sounds like you need a vacation from your vacation!

kailiaelf said...

I thought I commented on this! Oops. Well, it sounds like fun so far. I can't wait to read the rest. Those chili fries do not look good at all to me though. Lol. Hope you are doing good!