Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cali continued

I know I didn't go into great detail what happened for the collages but for me I am so far behind, it was good enough. I just have a couple more updates to do and I will be done and can move on. So first off, here are a couple more collages:

We spent Thursday and Friday with my friend Stacey. Poor Tyler because I know SOOOO many Stacey's. His Aunt Stacie being the one he knows the best, obviously. So on Wednesday we hung out with another friend of mine whose name is Stacy. He wouldn't actually call her Stacy until about half way through the day because I think he was thinking...This isn't Aunt Stacie. Then he finally started calling her that and was fine. The NEXT day we were staying with my OTHER friend Stacey. He was so confused but he was fine after just a couple of minutes. Luckily he LOVED BOTH Stacey's so it was an easy adjust for him. So this collage is of some time we spent with Stacey Bueno. We went to a mall and to dinner. It was fun. We all took a nap her Stacey's bed too. It was funny. Too bad we didn't have someone else to take a picture for us. :)

Some of these pictures are repeats BUT the one in the right corner is of Myra and Stacy Benjamin. We went to lunch and while we were there Myra lost her very expensive phone. It sucked and kind of ruin the rest of the day. With Myra though, it doesn't matter a whole lot. That's one of the reason I love her so much. We can just sit on the couch and talk and it could be the most fun we ever have together. So it wasn't a huge deal. We spent the night eating junk food and watching America's Next Top Model. :)

Here is just a collage of Tyler from the whole week. Again, many repeats but oh so cute.

Here are a couple more collages from days I already talked about...actually I think all three or 4 are from the day we went to the beach.

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