Saturday, October 11, 2008

I'm going, going BACK to CALI

YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Tomorrow I am starting my journey to California! WOO WOO I can't wait. Actually I am dreading the trip down there itself but looking forward to all the food...I mean friends I will get to see once I am there. Oh and while someone mentioned food, I'll just say this...there is a list in my head a mile long of food I can't WAIT to eat. HEEHEE I would blame it on the pregnancy but it would be a lie! I would have a list a mile long even if I weren't pregnant. In fact, I am trying to tie all of my friend seeing in with food I want. HAHA SOOOOOOOOO if you are reading this and we have plans to meet up, I bet we'll meet at a food place.

Round Table
Capri Deli
La Tolteca
Carmens ( if I have time )

Those are the REALLY important ones and we'll see about some others that sound good as well. I am really excited to hang out with friends though too. It's not everyday that I get to hang out. In fact, it's usually only about once or twice a week when Sarah and I get together to have lunch and let the kids run around together. ( How I miss our "play dates" Sarah! ) Any ways...Oh and Myra is going to take some pictures for me. It's so nice to hand a camera to some one you KNOW will get some good pictures of you. I handed the camera to my dad last Sunday when we took those pictures in the snow I think I should post what it looked like BEFORE I cropped it for y'all:

Yeah I am not even sure how that happened...alas, I am looking forward to some good pictures! WOO HOO

I neglected my 365 project for the last two weeks again! DOH! I mean,I took pictures every day but forgot to post them. I will TRY and do this tomorrow before I leave so that I don't have to do 3 weeks when I get home. That would be a nightmare to have to figure out. But I wanted to let everyone know that chances are I won't be posting anything until next Monday the 20th because that's the day we get back from our trip. Long time, I know, but I will try and maybe post once while we are gone. I'll miss stalking everyone on their sites as well, but my social life is calling ( and my stomach ) and since I NEVER get to see my friends, I must go...

Wish me luck because being in a car with Tyler for 4 or 5 hours straight is probably going to give me a heart attack! haha We are driving to Vegas tomorrow and staying with my long time friend Becky. I have known her since I was 9 or so. I think I was in the 3rd grade and we have been friends every since. I miss her too because we don't get to talk much and we only get to see each other about once a year. So it will be nice to get to see her and her husband. Then we are going to spend the night and leave the next morning for Cali. It will probably take me 5 hours to get to Cali from there because I will have to pee every hour on the hour and Tyler will probably need to stop frequently any ways so let's pray that everything goes smoothly and there is NO traffic until I get close to LA. Here I come Cali, hope you're ready for me! : )

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Loni's Argyle Socks said...

Yea! Have fun and good luck on the car trip!