Thursday, October 30, 2008

New Pictures of Tyler

My sister Kristy and I took Tyler to the mall on Tuesday to take pictures. I had him dressed up all cute and was so excited. We were gonna take some of the two of us together and then some of Tyler by himself. The lady at the studio took a bunch of pictures of Tyler and only got one oh him and I together. Then when she was taking a picture of Tyler he biffed it and hit his chin and started crying. The ONE picture she got of Tyler and I wasn't cute at all. So we just ordered pictures of Tyler. We had a coupon and my sister has a SEARS portrait card so we didn't have to pay the sitting fee. We got 1- 10X13, 1-8X10, 2 5X7's, 8 wallets and 16 mini wallets for just over 5 bucks! haha SWEET! The lady was so annoyed that every single picture of Tyler was SOOOOOO cute, but yet I stuck to the coupon and only ordered the one pose. haha

Any ways. I get to pick them up on November 11th and I can't wait. Later that day Tyler and I were playing out side and I got a bunch of cute pictures of him I wanted to share.

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