Saturday, October 4, 2008

Lehi weekend

So I figured out why I was having so much trouble posting pictures. Somehow I had switched from edit html to compose and so when I was attaching pictures it was putting the actual picture on it instead of the code so I couldn't move them! Then I would try and move them or write something and it would end up erases most of the for some reason...LAME! But I am SOOOOOO glad I figured out what I was doing wrong. SO, here are the Lehi picture I have been dying to post. My niece is just so cute that I wanted to share the cuteness with y'all. :)

This first group of pictures are of them on the swings. I LOVE these pictures. I need to frame them in a collage frame or something. Bradlie doesn't smile easy so we had to work for those smiles I was getting in the pictures here. I love the close up one of her looking off to the side! It's my favorite and so going in my portfolio someday.

This next group is Bradlie being a smiley girl. The first picture I am the one holding her and my cleavage was so abundant in the back ground that I had to fuzz the picture so that you actually saw the baby! So distracting...

Here is Tyler and Bradlie playing together and then grandma and Bradlie together. internet is being retarded SO AGAIN, I will have to finish this post later...

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