Tuesday, October 28, 2008

365 week 20

Holy cow I can't believe I am at week 20! That's nuts to me. It is the week from when I was in Cali so since I posted a lot of pictures already I was trying to find new ones to use. I didn't have a lot of choices for some days though so I just did what I could. Here we go

day 1

Asleep at Becky and Steve's

day 2

At the outlet mall in Barstow

day 3

This was a random couple that didn't even know I was taking their picture at sunset...they were in my way so I figured, why not?

day 4

Satcy, Tyler and I after some good mexican food

day 5

This is baby Conner asleep in his stroller.

day 6

Going down the escalators with Stacey

day 7

La Tolteca fun with Danny. We were supposed to be imitating a Jr. couple at a dance :)

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Kade and Emily said...

Your sunset picture looks like something that should be in a brochure for a resort.