Saturday, October 4, 2008

365 week 17

Here is last weeks 365 pictures. Enjoy.

Day 1-21

Playing on grandma's bed

Day 2-22

The only picture I took was of my sonogram pictures. But I thought it appropriate any ways.

Day 3-23

Tyler got new shoes! Size 10 1/2!!! My kid is huge

Day 4-24

This is Noah...we were screwing around out side with my camera. My flash would go off and it was so bright that he would say it was lightening. Then he started asking me to take pictures of him and would make all sorts of funny faces. This is one of many, but this one makes me smile the most

Day 5-25

We bought Tyler new fruit snacks. He wanted Spiderman ones this time. We got them home and he was all excited about them and then he didn't like them. I took this picture because he had two in his mouth for about 45 minutes just sitting in his cheek before he finally decided to spit them out in my hand. Haha He looks like he got his wisdom teeth out

Day 6-26

This is a picture of the dirt devil again. I just thought this was very cool.

Day 7-27

Last but not least, kissing cousins. I took this right before the actual kiss.

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