Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend update

Friday we went to dinner at our usual Friday spot, El Tapatio. It was very yummy. I took some cute pictures I wanted to share.

Then Saturday we had a lazy day. We sat around until about 11:30 and then we got in the car and ran some errands. Then we got some Taco Bell. Tyler convinced us to take him shopping so we went to t he good old Dollar General and picked up some stuff. Then we had naps...well, at least mommy put Tyler down for a nap but he never fell asleep. It is so frustrating when he does that on Saturdays because it almost guarantees a fit at church the next day...and what do you know, the second we walked into the chapel Tyler threw himself on the floor crying and screaming. He thought we were going straight to Primary. Any ways. I made wheat pizza for dinner Saturday and Tyler came and helped me. By the way, a couple of blogs back I added a recipe for wheat pizza but failed to mention you have to let the dough rise for 20 minutes. Sorry about that. I also made some bread while the pizza was cooking and so I had a lot of flour left on the table. Tyler decided he wanted to play with it, and I decided it was keeping him busy for a while so why not. He had flour every where!!! I took a video clip and tried about 4 times to upload it on here Saturday night but it kept telling me there was an error. So he is a link to where I have it on photobucket so you can watch it.¤t=CIMG2933.flv

I love how when he drops the bowl he immediately looks over to see if we are watching him. He didn't know I was taping him. I also love how he keeps throwing it in the air to watch it fall.

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