Thursday, April 16, 2009


Tyler has been saying some funny stuff lately! At the birthday party we went to on the 4th he said something that was both funny, and impressive! He was at the top of the tree house where there is a trap door where the ladder is to climb up and down on. Tyler was trying to get down and he slipped and started to fall and the door fell on him. He started to panic yelling "Help me". Daddy couldn't figure out where he was to get to him and mommy was holding Kayla but trying to explain to Cody how to get to him. Tyler getting frustrated that he was yelling for help and was still slipping and being crushed by the door, decided he would try in Spanish! "¡Ayúdeme!" He screamed once or twice when daddy finally found him after that. Not only did I find that hysterical that my kid was yelling, "Help me" in Spanish, but I was also highly impressed that while panicked and worried he was gonna fall he thought to use both English and then Spanish when the English didn't work!

Another language thing that impressed me was this. He watches the show 'Ni Hao, Kai-lan' sometimes on the Disney channel and its basically just like Dora, they try and teach the kids Chinese words. Tlyer already tells me thank you in Chinese all the time which honestly sounds like he is cursing at me. He was watching an episode the other day and they were teaching them colors. Tyler had already seen the episode between 5 and 10 times. Honestly, I am not sure how many times he has seen it but I am pretty sure it hasn't been more then 10 and he hasn't watched it in the last week or two. They got to the color red and before they could even say what it was in Chinese, Tyler called it out. Next they did green, and he proceeded to call it out before they said it on the episode. Then, later they were showing a puzzle and their was a green piece missing. They asked the kids watching to tell them which color they needed and I expected him to call out GREEN but he actually said it in Chinese! I STILL don't know how to say either of them; red or green, but he sure does.

There was one more thing I was going to write about but I am forgetting what it was. One thing he has been saying lately which has been cracking me up is "Holy Smokes!" Cody says that all the time and he picked up on it. The other day he was playing with some action figures and he said "Holy smokes" about 5 times in 30 seconds. Right now he has lost his voice so it's all scratchy sounding which makes it even funnier! If I can remember later the one thing I was gonna write about I will post it but as of now I think I will be done with this particular post.

He says funny things all the time so this post should be a weekly thing. Maybe I'll try harder to do that from now on.


Kade and Emily said...

He's a thinker!

One Precious Life said...

I had to laugh..that is too cute.