Monday, April 6, 2009

Birthday Cake

It's my birthday today. Since there was no church yesterday we decided to celebrate with Stacie, Kurt and Madison. I made some pizza and cake. Kurt wasn't feeling up to coming over but Madison and Stacie came and it was fun. I had a cake in mind that I wanted to make but decided at the last minute that it would be too much work. I instead decided on something else and this is what became of it

The kids were excited because I put two candles in and let them blow them out.

Stacie bought me a 12 pack of food coloring. YEAH! I am excited about that. Today, my actual birthday started out rough but got better. We left here about 10:40ish and got to TGI Fridays about 11:30 to meet daddy for lunch. Tyler was a very good boy! Mommy even took him to the dollar store after wards and bought several things. They have baby clothes and I know it sounds ghetto to get your kid clothes at the dollar store but they are sooooooo cute! I bought her two tank tops and 3 shirts that are TOO cute. Can't wait for them to fit! Now we are haning out about to cut Tyler and Daddy's hair for Katrina and Johnny's wedding tomorrow. I am excited for them and to get to take pictures for them... should be a good day. A LONG day but a good day ( hopefully....crossing fingers! )


Stacor said...

Happy birthday love! I dig your cake! Mmmuah!

Kade and Emily said...

27, eh? Happy Birthday! ;)