Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My Crazy Boy

Cody walked into the living room earlier today when we were getting ready to go to lunch. Tyler had half of his shirt off and was trying to rip the tag off of his shirt. Tyler says, "Daddy can you help me?" haha

Tyler likes to pick at his face. He got a scab like 3 months ago and he STILL has it because he can't control himself from picking at it! It drives us nuts! I have put medicine on it and we put band aids on it a couple of times a week. The problem is he does it while he is sleeping and doesn't even know he is doing it half the time. While my parents were here he got a paper cut on the other side of his face and now he is picking at that one instead. The first one is looking better but the new one is bad! The other day he had dry blood all over his face. I put medicine on his sore and he asked for a band aid. The thing is I already had one on the other side of his face but he begged me for another one! He looked ridiculous! So naturally I took a picture.

He has been mighty cranky lately too! He cries WAY easy. Today we went to McDonald's with Daddy, Sarah, Julia and Colin. Julia screams when she gets excited. He would cry every time she screamed. Finally we had to leave. Here is a picture of him half crying half smiling! You can see the sheer terror on his face but the fact that he is trying to hide it haha

Here are some pictures I took of an American Flag while we were playing

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