Friday, April 17, 2009

A Year Ago Today

On this very stormy day, I sit here on the couch with my new baby girl in my arms and my 3 year old watching Blues Clues. I have been telling Cody that I needed to back up all of my pictures from my lap top onto another hard drive so I didn't lose them some how and have to cry for a month straight. Cody said I could use his external hard drive. I asked him if he had enough room left and he chuckled! So today, while listening to the rain pour down outside, I sat her transferring pictures. It felt so good knowing I wouldn't have to worry any more. But wait! What's this popping up on my screen? Could it be a message telling me there is no more room left on the hard drive? I thought so....I still had 16 folders of pictures left to transfer. I called Cody to tell him and all he could say really was, "Wow!" So I counted and I had transferred 51 folders from my lap top to his hard drive and still had 16 more! AND that was just from the last year!!!! Good times...

Any ways, I came across a folder called "outside fun" and it was from exactly one year from today. Look how little my boy was

I can hardly believe how big he got in just one year. On a side note I wanted to say that I think I am going to start another blog. I used to really enjoy writing and for the most part thought I was good at it, but now I can't write a simple sentence. Another reason for me is that I consider this a family blog and sometimes I want to write something personal but don't feel it appropriate to write it here. I will post a link here once I actually get it up and running. Okay, I have to pee haha

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Crystal said...

I am really excited that you are starting another blog. I was just thinking about doing that. lol. You always have the best stuff to say, so I am looking forward to it. Esp, the 'I have to pee' comment at the end. I LOVE IT!