Thursday, April 9, 2009

Pizza, Playground and naps

We had a play date today with Sarah, Julia, and Colin. We had fun. Tyler was very grouchy and was driving me kind of crazy. We did okay though. Here are some pictures ( I love the second picture of Tyler...he was pouting and it was so sad looking and pathetic that I took a picture )

I feel bad because lately I blog but mainly just post pictures. I am usually low on time and so I just upload the pictures and do a quick over view. It's so frustrating to me because I LOVE to write but lately it just isn't in the cards...I hope soon I can get cracking on that. Also I am WAY behind on my 365 AGAIN! Any one surprised by that? Yeah, me neither. haha Hopefully I can also get on the ball with that....I will actually be done with the year on the 1st of June! That is nuts to me. I can't believe it has almost done a whole year.

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