Thursday, April 30, 2009

Picture update

Here are some pictures from the last couple of post that didn't get posted because they were not on my lap top yet.

First up, Tyler doing his three puzzles

And here is my baby girl one her 3 month anniversary!

I don't remember now if I talked about this or not but Tyler is always doing weird things. Here he is eating popcorn with a spoon!

I love my little weirdo! haha The day we went to pick daddy up we were all playing on the floor before we went to bed. I was taking some pictures and I wanted to get one of Tyler and Kayla together. This was the best one I could get

But this NEXT one has to be my favorite!

HAHA Poor Kayla was getting scared by crazy big brother Tyler because he was moving too fast and was freaking her out. Here is another picture of her pouting

Lastly I wanted to post some pictures of a project I did on Monday. I can't really say it was all me because it was a kit I bought that I thought was pretty darn neat. They are hand puppets that are made to look like paper bags. Tyler really likes them.

Every part was pre-cut and had sticky sheets already on the patches that needed to be glued. It was waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay easy and the finished product is pretty cool.

And last but not least, I made Cody a pillow case to take with him to Germany. It turned out really cute and when I washed it, some of the pictures came off! LAME

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