Monday, April 19, 2010

Tyler has been really into costumes lately. I already posted pictures of Tyler dressed as Alvin from Alvin and the Chipmunks. Here is his latest

he wanted to be "Monkey" from Kung Fu Panda. I promised him I woulld make him some monkey ears and a tail while he was sleeping Saturday night. It was 11 and Cody and I were about to turn the lights off and I remembered. DOH! Of course I also played on the internet and wrote a blog and got to bed a little after midnight. Dumb.

Any ways. He loved it and was SO happy to be Monkey.

Here is my Kayla girl

Apparently food is much better from off of the floor. She will throw things off of the plate and onto the floor and then eat them. What the heck? She is a cutie though. She loves my sunglasses

She also LOVES stealing Tyler's food. Here she is eating his popcorn and when she saw the flash go off she looked up at me and put her hands on her face and said, "CHEEESE"

We went to chuck-e-cheese last week for Julia's birthday. I took these two pictures of Tyler with Chucky. It was SO hard to get him to let me take his picture.
You know....I'm not even going to give this a title because some times, I got nothing...

That is it for tonight. Sorry posting has random lately. I am trying to be better at it again. Here's hoping...

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