Friday, April 30, 2010

Leaving on a Jet Plane

We are heading to Vegas tomorrow and then to Utah the next day! I am so excited to get to see family and friends. Before we go I thought I would post some dance recital pictures. Some I took, and some Stacie took. Our kids are just so darn cute in their little dance outfits. In fact one of the girls in the class told her mom that Tyler was her boyfriend! haha Too cute

Is anyone else having problems uploading pictures lately? Just in the last two days it keeps telling me there is an error. It's driving me nuts! Any ways. I forgot to save the pictures Stacie sent so I will have to post those at a later time. She got some really cute ones I want to get on here for sure. Cross your fingers Kayla and Tyler are good on the plane and that NO ONE POOPS! :)

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Fultmeyer Clan said...

oh goodness these are adorable Katie! What a little showman you have....:-)