Friday, April 16, 2010

A Weeks Review

We didn't do much this week. Monday we tried to go out and shop....Tyler put a stop to that by throwing a HUGE fit in the store. We ended up going straight home with NO dvd Player and he was PISSED! He is so bi-polar when he is REALLY angry. He would scream at me, "Mommy just leave me alone, leave me alone mom, LEAVE ME A-LOOOOOOOOOOONE!" then he would directly go into saying, "Mommy why aren't you talking to me? Talk mom, TALK TO ME PLEASE!" It's actually quite entertaining and if I wasn't so embarrassed and ticked off about the fit he threw and not getting to hang out with my friend any more I would have laughed. One time he was doing that and I did laugh and he got REALLY mad at me. One day I want to try and get it one film just so everyone can hear how ridiculous he can be....also so I can black mail him someday! heehee

Tuesday we hung out at home I think....NOPE. I took the kids to Sonic and we ate at the park and then played after wards. It was fun. My poor kids needed to be out in the sun running around for once. We used to do that all the time but lately we just don't get out for playing much. Then Kayla took a nap and then Tyler had his dance class in the late afternoon. Kurt brought Madison because Stacie had to work late and it was nice getting to hang out with him for the hour. Him and I used to hang out all the time and we just don't get a chance to do that any more.

Wednesday our friends Lisa and Lincoln came over and we jumped on the trampoline and then went to McDonald's and played in the play thing. We have the worse McDonald's ever. Lisa had a HUGE hair with dandruff attached to it still right on top of her salad. *Insert puking noises here* Then the kids had naps and even Tyler slept. That was wonderful. Mommy cleaned, sewed and blogged on my personal and photography blog. It was nice.

Thursday we had a long day. We took BOTH cars into the dealership to get them worked on. We also did lost of quick shopping and getting in and out of the car. My car was going to take a while and we needed to be back in Waco for a chuck-e-cheese date for our friends birthday so we came home for a couple of hours. We pulled into the drive way and I started to get Kayla out of her car seat and she puked ALL OVER! 30 more seconds and she would have been out of the car and it would not have been a big deal but instead it was all over her, the car seat and the car. Booooooooooooo So we gave her a bath and put her to bed. She slept for a LONG time and then we woke her up, threw her back in the car and headed to pick up my car. we had dinner, played at chuck-e-cheese and headed back home for bed time. It was a full and fun day.

Friday, today. Hung out at home and did a quick shopping trip with the kids before lunch. Naps. Sewing. Mexican food. Bed time. Showers. Blogs. Tomorrow Cody and a friend from work and gonna be fixing the house...hopefully. haha Every time we start anything in our house we run into BIG problems and it ends up being a huge deal. Cross your fingers everything goes smoothly...

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