Sunday, April 11, 2010

Easter Part 2

Okay so I FINALLY got to shrink the Easter pictures. Do you know why I FINALLY got to do them? Because Tyler was banned from the computer for the rest of the day! haha This is one of the major reasons I haven't been able to post as much. If I leave my lap top for two seconds Tyler wants to use it when before, I would just come back a half hour later and shrink a couple more pictures or whatever.

Any ways. Here are the kids Easter baskets

Kayla's was cute because it was a hat! It's huge on here but it is still cute.

Tyler REALLY wanted Alvin and the Chipmunks! He was SO excited he got it.

Kayla thought Tyler's looked more interesting.

But she liked her's too. In fact, she carried her's all over the house for several days.

We dyed Easter eggs with Madison and Stacie. It was funny because the kids got to choose what colors to do. Can you tell what Madison's favorite color is?

And Tyler's?

They were killing us because Madison wanted all of them green and Tyler wanted all of them blue. I finally I grabbed one and made it yellow and pink. Madison also wanted bugs drawn on all of hers and Tyler wanted the chipmunks on all of his! Crazy kids.

Then I cooked while Stacie and Cody filled Easter eggs and then hid them in the back yard. The kids were way excited to find the eggs. Tyler thought he was supposed to ONLY find the ones he decorated. Crazy boy. We kept telling him to get ALL of them but he just kept looking for the blue ones. Silly boy.

And you saw our family photo already.

Then Stacie took some of Cody and I together. This one turned out cute

Then Cody decided to be funny and we got this one

And this one

Nice! Thanks babe. I swear he loves me!! That is it for Easter.

Let me ask you a question. Do your kids get WAY into something for a couple of days and then switch to something else? Tyler wanted to be Alvin from the Chipmunks after we got him the movie. He begged me to make him a costume. So this is what we came up with

It was HOT and he insisted on wearing that long sleeve thermal because Alvin had on a LONG sleeve red shirt. Not a short sleeve one. And he NEEDED ears. Then he said he needed a YELLOW A on his shirt.....I drew the line at claws. haha

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