Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I wrote a blog along with pictures and I forgot I couldn't sign out of my gmail while I was doing it and it wouldn't post and dissappeared so I have to write it again. I HATE THAT! It sucks because now I am not in the to write it all over again but I have the time and so I need to do it.

IN stead of writing it all over again I am only going to post part of it again. Tyler FINALLY got his Diego toy in the mail yesterday. He was so excited. I had cleaned up our red room ( also known as the living room or junk room ) so he had some where to put it and play with it. We had it set up for an hour before he drug it into the family room on the carpet! haha Oh well, at least my other room is clean now.

Here he is with the box

And here he is hugging some of the animals that came with it. He was saying, "I love you animals"

And here is the train going through a cave!

Also real quick, I have found a web site that teaches you how to make all sorts of baby accessories and what not so you do not have to pay the obscene amount of cash people charge for them. Here is Kayla's first hair bow mommy made her

Obviously, it's a little too big for her at the moment. But one of these days she is going to rock this bow! Cody thinks she looks like Minnie Mouse. I just love how crazy her eyes are. Sometimes the flash is just WAY to bright for her. :)


Kade and Emily said...

I love the "I love you animals" comment. What a sweet boy.

Crystal said...

What's the website?

kailiaelf said...

I was going to say she looks like Minnie also! Too cute!