Saturday, May 9, 2009

I hold you close to me and I wonder...
Will I be your best friend,
the one you tell your secrets to?
Your protector,
the safest place you know?
Will we be like my friends
and their children?
My mother and me?

This I do know:
I'll believe in you, support you,
watch over you, love you.
I'll hang on your words
and smile at your stories.

And day by day, month by month,
we'll learn who we are together...
you and I

When I'm singing you a lullaby,
rocking you to sleep,
or watching your tiny hand
wrap around my finger,
I'm always thinking,
"I'm so glad you're here, little one.
I'm so glad you're mine!"

You hold your head up
to look at me,
you coo softly at the
sound of my voice,
and when you smile at me,
it's like the sun
is suddenly brighter

One minute, you're blinking sleepily up at me,
and the next, you're sound asleep.
I try to imagine what baby dreams are made of...
I know mine are filled with you.

You gaze up and reach out
as if you can pull the world to you.
And I lean in close, wanting to give you
everything you'll ever need.

That joyful giggle,
your happy babble,
those squeals of delight...
your laughter
is the sweetest sound
a home can know.

I'm not
the only one
who can resist
your shy grin.
From your safe spot
on my shoulder,
you're making friends
with a big new world

The way you smile
when I walk into the room,
the way you stretch out
your little arms to be lifted up,
the way you're so sure of me,
sure that I'll be there for you,
that I'll take care of you...
This bond is stronger, more loving
than I could have ever expected.

Amazing-what you've learned,
taking in the world
with your bright eyes,
feeling and tasting everything
you can hold in your tiny hands...
Amazing-how you've
captured my heart

Who knew a sunbeam,
could be so enchanting?
That a game of peekaboo
could make you laugh every time?
Who knew simple baby songs
were so wonderfully silly-
or that bananas make the best finger paints?
Who knew that one little person
could take my hand
and show me the world
all over again?

such a little word,
but when you say it
my heart melts

Blowing bubbles,
singing songs,
playing in the bath tub,
reading stories...
the times we spend together
are the best times of all.

You wiggle out of my arms
to explore your world,
then return again and again,
and I realize
that being a mother
means sometimes letting you go...
and being a loving place
to come home to.

You make me laugh
like no body else can,
make me smile
first thing in the morning
and the last thing at night
you make my eyes shine
with tears of pride,
just seeing you
just to be your mom

What do I wish for you, my child?
Carefree days of bug discovering
and puddle jumping, delight in sunny afternoons,
belly laughs, good-night stories, wishing stars.
What do I wish for you?
A heart that loves beauty, shares goodness,
that embraces the joy in the gift of each day...
and love, so much love

I didn't write the poem, I found it today while cleaning and thought it was appropriate. I was gonna just leave it at that but decide to post this picture and explain. I had Kayla on her boppy on the floor while I was making lunch in the kitchen and Tyler was talking to me. I could tell by the sound of his voice that he had moved and glanced into the living room to see where he went. He had moved off of the couch to lay next to Kayla and had his hand on her head, playing with her hair. It was one of sweetest moments so far as a mommy!

Happy Mother's Day mommies!