Thursday, May 21, 2009


OKay so I am coming up at the end of my 365 project. I am half relieved, half sad. I plan on taking two months off and then starting again when Cody gets home. I plan on doing two this time...One of just Kayla and one of just Tyler. I think it will some thing nice for them to have when they are older. I have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO far behind on this since Kayla was born. Right now she is asleep on my lap and Tyler is also asleep so I decided to take the opportunity to try and catch up. I haven't gotten completely caught up YET, but I finally finished up April. So here is the rest of April. My last post went up to April 12th which was Easter. So here is from Easter on.

April 13

We decided to be lazy and order pizza for dinner and here we were at the table all together eating. Normally we sit in the living room on TV trays but we started eating at the table as a family and it is so nice!

April 14

We met Julia, Sarah and Colin at McDonalds because it was Julias birthday and she wanted to eat there. We brought her that FooFah back pack like a month before knowing her birthday was coming up. Here Tyler and Julia were looking at the happy meal toys with their back packs on. It was so cute.

April 15

I forgot to change Tyler's diaper for like 3 or 4 hours and all of the sudden I look over and see this! haha I debated on posting this picture because it is of my kids crotch but I only took two pictures this day and the other one wasn't of anything really. This one is so funny too. I swear his diaper weighted 5 pounds!

April 16

I picked two for this day. One because it was so weird. How the heck did my kid get that letter ALL the way up there!?!?! He must have thrown it and it actually stuck. The second picture is Cody and Kayla in matching yellow. I just thought they looked so cute in their matching colors

April 17

A cool snail I found on our porch once the rain had stopped

April 18

This was Tyler's very first drive in!

April 19

Julia's birthday party! She pretty much got all Yo Gabba Gabba stuff! haha this one cracks me up!

April 20

This is a cell phone picture I took of Kayla flipping me off in her sleep. She was having a rough day too so it was funny that she fell asleep like this.

April 21

My giant at the play ground

April 22

playground fun two days in a row!

April 23

This was when tyler took all three of these puzzles, mixed them together and then managed to put them back together again. He LOVES puzzles.

April 24

Classic. We picked daddy up from the air port this day and they were horsing around on the ground. Tyler was mving to quick and it scared Kayla.

April 25

This is the outfit Uncle Scott and Aunt Lauren sent her

April 26

Nothing like kissing on a Sunday...or any other day for that matter

April 27

Beautiful sunset on the way home from Temple. I took this while driving. Heehee

April 28

My baby girl asleep on her daddy. I LOVE this picture

April 29

Got to love this picture. We went to Subway and all we could get Tyler to eat was Doritos and a cookie! So he had Doritos ALL over his face and then chocolate! Sheesh. Don't worry when we got home mommy made him eat some REAL food.

April 30

This was taken in the bathroom at Target. It made me laugh so hard! I am so glad they have a quick reference guide on how to clean the bathroom, complete with pictures JUST in case they forget how to scrub a toilet.

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