Monday, May 4, 2009

Outside fun

We had great weather today and got to go play out side. Julia invited us over for a play date on her new swing set. The first hour all Tyler did was whine and cry until Sarah offered him a Popsicle. He magically got better after that. We ended up being there for almost 3 hours and it showed because within an hour or two of being home the sun burn started to appear on all 3 of us. I had Kayla in a sling wrap across my chest and so only half of her face burned. Poor little girl. And Tyler is lucky and has his daddy's skin so he is already starting to tan. We got a lot of good pictures though. Kayla's hair was bright red in the sun and she was very smiley so we ( Sarah ) got some good pictures for me. Thanks Sarah. The first 8 pictures are from her camera and the rest are from mine. Enjoy. Tomorrow I will post pictures of our sun burns. I didn't get those uploaded yet, but I will.

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