Wednesday, May 27, 2009

2 weeks Ago...

Man I let myself get WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY behind on here lately. But I still wanted to post some pictures and stuff from a couple of the things we did these last two weeks.

First I am going to start with two weeks ago from tomorrow. We had a strange day. It started out okay but I could tell Tyler needed to get out of the house. I told him we could go to the play ground and then to the store. We were also goign to get Sonic on the way home. I was excited because I needed a few things from the store and was sick of eating food from home. Sonic was sounding mighty good. We got to the playground and a school was there with with a MILLION kids! So I kept driving and went to the other park in our tiny little town. I don't like going to that one because Tyler is usually difficult there. I did get some pictures I like. A couple of Tyler, some of Kayla and some of how pretty this park is. I am both saddened and excited because they put in a splash pad at this park. We are waiting to go there for the first time but it sounds like a lot of fun. I am saddened though because the park is so pretty and they took part of that away when they put the splash pad in. It's hard to describe unless you have been there so I won't even try to. Here are some pictures from our play ground fun.

I love the first one because that is how Tyler shows me his muscles! haha

Then I told him we had to go and he got upset, which happens a lot when leaving the play ground when we haven't gone much. Then he threw a HUGE fit before we even got INTO the store so I took him back to the car and told him we weren't going. He was MAD! The started kicking and screaming and then he did something he had NEVER done before. I got into the drivers seat and he said he wanted to go in the store NOW! And I said, "NO you are throwing a fit, we are going home" and he UNBUCKLED HIS SEAT BELT! The car wasn't even turned on but I was PISSED. I do not in any way EVER want him to think it is okay to unbuckle his seat belt. SO- I got out of the car, yelled at him and then buckled him back up. He pretty much screamed the whole way home and I just sat quietly, letting him. THAT was worse then any punishment I could have given him I think. It drove him NUTS that I was ignoring him. When he got home, I took a toy away ( like I had threatened when I was still trying to get him to behave in the parking lot ) and made him lay down on his bed for a time out. He pretty much yelled and cried for 10 minutes straight. It was such a disappointment. I needed stuff from the store that I wasn't going to get and I REALLY didn't want to eat lunch at home. The rest of the day is a blur. Until dinner because we had our usual Mexican El Tapatio for dinner with Stacie and Madison. The kids like to play after wards and Madison has been very into being the "winner" and Tyler being the "loser". He doesn't know what that means and she kept saying, "Tyler's the loser" So Tyler runs over to me and says very enthusiastically, "Mom, I'm the loser!" Stacie and I started cracking up and I told Tyler to do the "L" on his forehead thing and he of course did and I of course took a picture!

One other funny thing I took a picture of this day was this

He cracks me up!

Okay so Let's see what else I slacked on. We hung out side a couple of different times. We played side walk chalk ( which by the way, don't accidentally leave out side because SOMEONE might pick it up and draw a male body part on your side walk ) blew bubbles, played with our bat and ball and used the sprinklers. Good times all around. Okay more pictures...

I love the one of him looking at his hands. He was freaking out because there was GRASS on them! My kid is so OCD it's ridiculous. He also freaked out when the grass was on his feet too. He kept telling me to clean them. I kept telling him to go put them in the water but he would still freak out EVERY time. Here are some nature type pictures as well...accept the first one. That is mine and Kayla's reflection in my DIRTY car windows. haha

Now before I finish this, I couldn't go a whole post without a single picture of Kayla! haha SOOOOOOOOOOO here are some of here from these past two weeks. Some might be repeats because I honestly can't remember which ones of her have already been posted.

I absolutely LOVE Kayla's daisy dukes! I think they are the cutest little thing and every time I put them on her, I sing the song! haha Do you remember it? "Look at that girl with the Daisy Dukes on, everybody" Any ways....maybe it's just me! Oh and the one of her toes.....I took that one because I do that with my TOES all the time! I actually caught Tyler doing to day too. Isn't it weird what we can pass on to our kids?!

Well I still have at LEAST two blogs I can think of that need to be written but for now I am off to bed. I am FINALLY reading the Twilight series and Eclipse JUST got really good. So hopefully I can get to bed before one tonight! I'm crossing my fingers.


Crystal said...

Kayla is so cute!!!!! I love the toes picture. Sorry Tyler is giving you a hard time. It's the age... it will get better, but it gets harder in other ways. But at least you can talk sense into them when they are get a little older. At Tyler's age they want things NOW and the world revolves around them. Hang in there girly. =) You are doing awesome.

Stacor said...

Oh Shane, I love you! You're hilarious and I wish we were next door neighbors because I'd grab my sidewalk chalk and draw those parts on your driveway! (My 21 year old brother in law actually does that STILL)
I'm dreading the age where Maximus throws bigger fits than he already does. Currently he "squaks" and chases me but I'm worried about what that will turn into in another year. You crack my shit up babe!

Kade and Emily said...

The only reason I don't leave chalk out on the sidewalk is because it turns into a puddle of chalk when it rains. I guess the only person I would worry about drawing naughty picturs is Kade. HA HA!