Friday, May 8, 2009

Oh My Gosh

I found this web site who that makes the CUTEST baby stuff. It is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO ridiculously over priced though that most of the stuff isn't even worth it. It has got me motivated to start making stuff for Kayla. I need a sewing machine though....oh, and to learn how to sew. HAHA

Check out the cute stuff though

They have both cheetah AND skull stuff. What's not for me to like?


Stacor said...

Start sewing! It's really easy and it's sooooo much fun! I have 3 sewing machines if you'd like one. It's totally addicting and you won't get anything else done, but it's so fun! And baby accessories are pretty easy to make. Check out my "sew retro" on the side of my page. It's all vintage but there's so much you can do.

Angela Montgomery said...

Who needs to know how to sew. Just pretend. That's what I'm doing. And looking things up online. Tyler got my machine @ the DI for 15 bucks! Sweet action.