Sunday, May 24, 2009

Kimmie to the Rescue!

My sister Kimmie bought a plane ticket last weekend to come see us in July! I am so excited because only my mom and dad have been here to visit and I am here ALL alone AND she gets to meet Kayla. The last one is probably the most exciting for her I am sure. She could go her whole life without coming to Texas, I am sure. For those who don't know, my family is very goofy. We always loved the missionaries and had them over for pizza just about every Friday. I swear too you some where along the way, we discovered that every time we had a very strange missionary, he was ALWAYS from Texas! One time we had this guy who was such a weirdo! We asked him where he was from and without skipping a beat he replied, TEXAS! We had a family motto from that day forth declaring "Texas Fries Your Brains" You could imagine what my family had to say when I told them we were moving here. First they laughed because they thought we were joking. Then they basically said, "Um, good luck with that one!"

Any ways. I am excited to see my sister. I also am excited to take pictures of her. She's very photogenic and likes having her picture taken so I am going to do some photo shoots with her for my portfolio while she is here. I also have decided that while she is here IN TEXAS, I am going to take pictures of her in the most ridiculous places and make a "Kim in Texas" thing. You know, things like her in front of a cow, her in front of Walmart...Her in front of the prison, her in front of a sign that says, "Gatesville, the SPUR Capital of Texas!" Any thing absolutely ridiculous like that. And as many Texas stars or Texas flags we can find ( which are many ). So watch out Bloggers...When we get together things tend to get crazy. I decided to scan some old pictures of us just to warn you what kind of blogs are to come after her trip! Also I should send out a warning....some may be a little....well....let's just say we are a very grabby family...I would rate this blog a PG-13 Okay, you have been warned

OKay so the picture itself isn't too terribly funny BUT you should see the video that goes along with it. Any one who was there would know what I mean...she very entertaining us all on our vacation at the beach. ( Don't you hate her for how skinny she is! )

I titled this one, "Shane Booty" The is Me, my brother and my sister Kim in Utah. My sister Kristy was taking the picture

My sister on top of me on the couch. The thing that makes me laugh about this one is the fact that my mom is taking the picture. There are SO many pictures that I remember back to and realize my mom was the one behind the camera. haha I told you we were CRAZY

This is just a cute picture of us after we went and saw a play at my college with a bunch of my friends in it. Sorry the quality is bad but it had been on the front of a folder and got all scratched up.

Kimmie in a store when we were on vacation one year.

Here is some of the obscene I was talking about, I don't know why but we had a thing for grabbing each others boobs! AGAIN, my mom is behind the camera! haha Look how little Cody looks!

THIS my friends, is OUR bedroom. We shared a bedroom as far back as I can remember and we are both slobs. Let's hope we can keep my house clean while she is here.

At a friends bridal shower

Always all over each other. Here we are playing games at a going away party for my friend Katie.

I am really sad about this picture because it didn't scan well. You can not tell but this was on one of our family vacations to Carlsbad Beach near San Diego. My sister would always die her hair while we were there. This year she choose a red and it turned out being a Ronald McDonald red instead of a pretty red! PLUS, her hair was long and we kind of ran out of die while doing it some a couple of spots were still fairly blond. It was AWFUL! My best friend Myra was going to school to be a hair dresser and so we waited until she came up to visit to fix it. So in this picture, you can't tell because its so small but her hair is the SAME color as those flowers in the back ground. I don't know what makes me laugh harder, her hair or the fact that the old guy who took the picture for us cut off half of the Temple! Okay, it's definitely the hair! hahahaahaha

Again, I don't know how this picture actually happened or why my mom actually agreed to take it for us BUT this is a picture of us with my moms bra on our heads! haha

Us after a formal at our Singles Ward. We had to do the booty picture but it was dark so you can't really tell

Again with the boobs...My sister grabbing me at the bowling alley

This was outside of a thrift store. It was an inside joke I am not going to get into now. This is my friend Diana, Myra, Kim and I

Yeah this was our last day of vacation and we were trying to take some funny pictures before it was time to go home. This is Kim on top of one of our best friends Paul. We have known Paul and his family since he was like 2. He is basically our little brother.

And then me on top of Kim. I was so skinny. :( You should have seen everyone staring at us while we were taking these pictures. Everyone on the beach around us was highly entertained by us!

This is Kim in our first ever trip to Cedar City Utah! We went to visit our sister. This was the day after I had just met Cody for the first time. Awwwwww Any ways, this was us inside of Smith's being silly. We had just come from seeing the musical A Chorus Line at SUU. It was awesome

Me on my way to Prom. Her......licking my boob....yeah I got nothing...

Okay so this picture is kind of dark but I LOVE it! One year on our famous vacation, we had what was called, "A bitterness Bonfire!" It was exactly what it sounded like, We collected things the week before vacation and actually collected things while there as well, that we had harbored bad feelings towards. Feelings of bitterness. We sat around the fire and told every one what our item was, why we were bitter and then through it in the fire. Then we danced around it like we were doing a tribal dance or something. I have NO IDEA how this came about. We get to talking late at night and come up with weird stuff but it was so much fun. Another video worth watching, although more for the sound because it's hard to see our faces because it's dark :)

And last but certainly not least, our family vacation again. This time it's my sister Kristin, Me, Myra and Kim doing our got milk commercial.

And now you have OFFICIALLY been WARNED! Us Shane girls get crazy...And I can't WAIT!

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Wow must have been so much fun growing up with a sister like that.And that thrift store is right by my house.I love it there.