Thursday, May 14, 2009

Potty trainging, falling out of bed and double thumbing it!

I have to face reality that with two kids all by myself for the next 80 or so days that blogging just isn't going to happen every day. Because it is not going to happen every day, which is very depressing for me, I forget things. Or I end up telling 5 stories in one post, like today. I will start with falling out of bed.

Don't worry, it wasn't Kayla who fell out of bed and it certainly wasn't me. Tyler however, wasn't so lucky. We never had the adventure most parents do that involve getting a big kid bed when moving out of the crib. Tyler's first big boy bed was his cousin Noah's old bed when we got to Utah last June to stay a couple of months there. Since I was in the room with him, we didn't really have him getting out of bed and playing with toys in the middle of the night or falling asleep on the ground. My friend Sarah went to check on her two year old to find her COVERED in Vaseline she had found in her closet. She had to throw her PJ's away and wash her hair about 5 times to get it all out. I am of course laughing WITH you Sarah, not AT you I promise. I did have a couple of sleep walking incidents that freaked me out but other then that he stayed put in his bed. Recently I went to check on him after putting Kayla down and one of his legs was off of the bed. I smiled, went in and fixed him and then went to bed. Well the other night he had been really quiet and gone to bed and actually fell asleep pretty quick. he really wasn't making any noise on the baby monitor so when I checked on him while going to put Kayla down I was shocked to discover only his head and shoulders on the bed. It was so cute I had to seriously refrain myself from taking a picture and probably freaking him out with the huge flash. It seriously looked like he had been kneeling to pray and fell asleep. he was so dead that he didn't even wake up when i picked him up to put him back into his bed.

I know I mentioned that Kayla has been sucking her thumb. It's actually causing more problems then I imagined. For instance, she hasn't been wanting her binkie so in the middle of the night ( between 4 and 5 am ) she usually starts crying. Normal, I put the binkie in her mouth and she goes right back to sleep but not now that she won't take it. It ends up pissing her off and she wakes up all the way and I gotta feed her to get her back to sleep. Thankfully the last two nights she went back to sleep on her own and then just got up at 7 to eat. She's drving me a little crazy because she keeps trying to sneak her thumb in her mouth with her bottle and then she ends up knocking it out of her mouth. But this was the cutest thumb incident yet. The other day I went to take her hands out of her mouth thinking she was sucking on her fingers and it turns out she had BOTH thumbs in her mouth. She was double thumbing it! haha

Okay so now for the potty training story. It's actually not a story yet but I wanted to write to down any ways. We have been struggling since we brought Kayla home to get him to sit on the potty. This morning I was reading an article on line on and it gave a suggestion that I had never heard from before that I can TOTALLY see working on Tyler. I am going to start it tomorrow. What you do is have a treat jar ( whatever you want it to be ) which I know, I know pretty much everyone does but that's not what is different. What you do is when he goes potty he gets to eat one but ALSO when YOU or your HUSBAND goes potty you get a treat too! HAHA SWEET! I get to cheat on my diet AND get Tyler to use the potty. You are supposed to make a big deal out of it when you go to. I get to jump up and down and celebrate when I pee now. I can't wait

Lastly, can you freaking believe it has almost been a full 365 days since I started my 365 project!?!?!?! June 1st marks the start of it. I am so proud of my self for only missing 2 days! WOO HOO. I plan on doing it again too BUT I am going to take 2 months off and wait until Cody gets home to start again. Then once I start over again, I am actually going to do two. One for Kayla and one for Tyler. I think it will be neat for them to have that when they are older. Most of the pictures end up being of them any ways. Okay, I need to go play mommy again. Oh and I am excited because I have been getting to work out at nap time and have been eating better and so far have lost about 3 pounds. I know that isn't that much but it's a start. I am happy I have at least lost something and I look forward into fitting into something other then maternity clothes again. : )

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One Precious Life said...

Double thumbing it.haha.Never heard that one before.BTW Im going to start the 365 project.Does Tyler still have the Elmo I sent him?