Sunday, May 31, 2009

I'm Sad About This!

That is what Tyler says when he is pouting, "Mom, I'm sad about this!" It's very hard not to laugh when he says it, but I try really hard not to encourage him. He has the cutest pout too. When I was in the hospital having Kayla the second night I was there it was about time for Tyler and all of them to go home. He didn't want to leave without me. It was really hard for him. He came over and laid on my bed with me and I just held him for about ten minutes. He was sucking on his middle fingers and he had NEVER done that before. I was SO hard to let him go. My nurse who had been there with me all day came in and saw him stick out his bottom lip in a pout and she said, "Oh Katie." and put her hand over her heart! haha She thought he was so cute.

Any ways. The other day we went to Story time at the library and then to lunch with our friends. Julia was getting into trouble and they had to leave early. Tyler was VERY upset about it and was pouting. I was mean and took pictures of him WHILE he was crying and upset but it was just too cute to resist. Heehee I am SO mean

Here is Julia telling him she was leaving and that it was okay! :)

Here he is telling me he was Sad about this!

Here he is looking back at them getting in their car to leave!

The slumped shoulders KILL my mom! He does that a lot when he is upset and she thinks it's the funniest/saddest thing ever!

Here are two pictures I also took of Kayla before all the drama with Tyler being "sad"


Stacor said...

It's sad and funny! His face looks like he's deeply saddened!

S said...

she looks too cute in her cupcake dress to have been driving me nuts that day!