Monday, May 18, 2009

Looking Back

The other night I was going through my external hard drive looking for some pictures. I love doing this because I love looking at how we have grown over the years. I love remembering things and I LOVE when I find a picture I don't remember taking that looks wonderful! That's my favorite. So here are some pictures I found I wanted to share with y'all. I am going to start with the oldest and go forward to the newest.

First, our engagement pictures

This was back when everything was still on film. You know, that stuff you put into a camera and then develop in a black room or at a photo center? It still exist, I swear. Any ways. My best friend Myra took ours and she did a fantastic job. Here is one she got that I like to call, "No I love YOU more!" haha I love it! Look how freaking little we look...not just in weight either but also just look at our faces. Cody shaved off his facial hair off while we were dating and I swear I felt like a child molester because he looked 15!

Next, pregnant

Awwwww, here's one to make Mama Roundy proud! There's actually a funny story behind this. We were out to dinner with Cody's parent's once and there were these teenagers that kept flipping Cody off and cussing at him when he'd walk past them and what not and Cody got MAD. He almost knocked me on my butt when I tried to stop him from going after them when they got up to leave. Cody's mom was very concerned. She hadn't really seen him lose his temper like that I guess. For those who do not know, she is a principal and I was working at her school as a teachers aid at the time. Well just about every chance she got the rest of the time I worked there she would ask me how things were and she would make sure Cody hadn't "Lost his temper with me" We think she thought he was secretly beating me or something! haha I can understand her concern but she had no need to worry. So when I was pregnant we came to visit Utah and Cody made a comment about being an official Texan now which meant he could legally beat his wife. Mom laughed nervously and so Cody added, "Don't worry mom, I moved to her face and legs now that she's pregnant!" We all started laughing hysterically and she said, "Well, I'm glad you move to her face and legs then!" I think deep down inside she was still a little nervous. Kurt and Stacie new this story and so when they were taking pictures for us we took this one just as a joke ( Don't worry Tyler, you're daddy didn't really beat my tummy! )

Next is a series of pictures of Tyler and Daddy laying in bed together when we were in Hawaii

As you can tell by the lovely bedspread, we were in a hotel. I just love those three pictures and the serious bed head Cody has in the last one. Also Tyler's humongous eyebrows! Those were my favorite when he was a baby. We called them his over active eyebrows

Here's one more from that trip of Tyler and I ( please excuse the HUGE gut and rolls you can see through my tank top )

I just love how pretty it is there and how cute Tyler my hair was having issues here! haha

And last but not least, a series of pictures of Cody and I making out ( yup, I'm gonna make you look...)

These were taken in 2006 in Houston. My friend Myra took these too. She was in Texas to visit her brother so we drove up to see her. She took my camera and took some pictures of us. I love the last one how Cody is looking at me like he loves me! Awwwwww

Well, that's it for now. I just wanted to take y'all on a trip down memory lane. Every time I see pictures of my hair short and cute, it makes me want to chop it all off! haha

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Allison said...

SOOOOOO FUNNY! We laughed so hard after hearing the "beating" story. LOVE IT!