Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Memorial Day

We had a relaxing and fun Memorial day. We got up and Tyler was asking me almost immediately where we were going today. I honestly wasn't going any where. I mentioned the sprinklers outside and it was a done deal. I slathered us in sun screened, gathered up all our "outside" stuff and called to invite Aunt Stacie and Madison over. We have had spiders like crazy lately and I decided I wanted to try and get some pictures. I went back into the house and got a spray bottle and my macro lens and I was off. If you spray the web it looks so cool. I took these

Then I noticed this weird looking spider in my bushes. It almost looked like a stick bug but it was a spider. This is what it looked like before I sprayed it

About this time Stacie and Madison showed up and the kids played in the sprinklers. We also blew bubbles and had Popsicle.

Then we went on a walk an I was trying to get the kids to stop so
i could get a picture of them. I finally yelled FREEZE

Then I told then to hug and this is what I got

Then Tyler turned around to hug her and I got this picture

I love how Madison is still flirting with the camera instead of really hugging Tyler. Heehee

After we got back from the "walk" we got the spray bottle out and sprayed some flowers and took some pictures

I love how cute they were spraying everything for us. It was there favorite part. Then we went back and Stacie sprayed the spider in the bushes. I hadn't thought of that because I assumed the spider would go away but he didn't. It made for VERY cool pictures. Thanks Stacie

Then we threw my baby girl in the air for a photo shoot. She was so cute in her ha and bright blue onesie

And one more random picture I took today but this time of a bee next to my tree. I like the way it turned out

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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Stacor said...

Whatever a macro lens is works really well. I freakin' love the pictures you take and want you to take some of us. So when we're back in Utah (October/Novemberish) come take some for us! And I seriously start itching my arms and back of my neck when I see spiders or webs in pictures.