Sunday, May 18, 2008

MUCH better

We had an awful day yesterday! Tyler was so moody and threw fit and fit over anything and everything. It was very difficult for me and very frustrating. Tyler is the pickiest eater ever and lately he won't eat anything. I have decided that we needed to change the way we eat around here. Yesterday was the first day I tried and he was NOT happy about it. That caused even more fits and frustration. It needed to be done though because he will never start eating normal food if I didn't do something different. I put him to sleep and then put on The Office. It is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows. We watched season one and two before Cody left. Then I started season 3 on thursday. It's so funny! I love it. I ate to much last night though and my stomach was bothering me. It kept me from falling asleep. It took me at least an hour to find a position that didn't hurt.

Today started out well though. Tyler slept in until 9 which was nice since it was about 1 in the morning when I fell asleep. When I got him up he seemed really happy which was good. We ended up having a great day today! Hooray! I got a lot of laundry done and I got to clean my kitchen. Lunch was really nice too. We sat at the tabel for an hour with no TV or anything loud and distracting. I had fun and I hope Tyler has fun too. he was mad at first and started crying because I told him we were eating at the table. While I was blessing our food he kept wiping the tears off of his face. But then he came over and gave me a hug before I could even say amen.

Then I put Tyler down for his nap and it only took him like 20 minutes to fall sleep. I put on the Office and got to watch a whole disc! Tyler actually slept until quarter to 5 which was awesome. I got him up and he had pooped so as we were walking through the kitchen to the living room to change him, I about peed my pants when I saw a HUGE roach on my wall. Okay, I'm from California where the cockroaches aren't that big. The ones here ( for those who don't know ) are HUMONGOUS and have wings and fly! NO JOKE! The first time one started flying I screamed so loud I scared the crap out of Cody. They are so gross. So I went to the living room and changed Tyler and when I came back into the kitchen it was gone! I looked for it for about an hour and never found it. Which is so depressing. But the good news is that I got to talk to Cody twice today. Once for about 3 minutes and then again later for about 10 minutes. We also talked on line for about 10 minutes. he still isn't in Iraq yet. For now he is still stuck in Kuwait waiting to get his passport stamped and a flight out of there. Then he is flying to baghdad ( yeah, i can't spell ) and then to where ever in Iraq he is going. I'm glad he is safe and getting caught up on some sleep.

For now I am off to out Tyler down for bed. Today was Sunday but we had stake conference and we didn't go. so we have just been sitting around. At 7:30 Tyler requested to go outside so we did. Then I noticed our grass is covered in fire ant hills so instead I took him to Sonic to get ice cream. Shhhhhhhh! Don't tell. I can't wait to put him down so I can watch MORE Office! I'm obsessed!

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Crystal said...

CHEATER!! hehe.

I am so glad you guys had a good day. It makes life easier when things go the way you want them to. And yay for talking to Cody!