Saturday, May 17, 2008

Copy Cat

So Tyler has been really into coping words lately. Especially if it isn't something he has heard before. For instance he heard something on the TV say a word he didn't know so he repeated it several times. I can't remember what the word was though. He has been very into this lately though. He's like a sponge! Well, last weekend when the electricity went out we put a movie on my lap top to watch. The sound unfortunately is not so great on our lap tops so we had it turned up all the way and it was still hard to hear. We were watching the movie Saved and if you haven't seen it it's pretty darn funny. There is this part where the main girl is upset and she cusses. She says the "S" word. Immediately following the word is just absolute silence. Well, tyler was sitting on my lap ( he was running around the living room a minute earlier ) and she said the word and I KNOW he hasn't heard it before and so what did he do? he repeated it without even skipping a beat! And what did we all do? Started laughing hysterically which all parents know that is the WRONG this to do. Laughing actually ended up being a GREAT thing for us to do because following the "S" word she then says the "F" word and I would have been mortified if Tyler would have copied that too! Then I told him it was a bad word and we don't say that. Luckily for me he hasn't said it since. I am pretty sure he doesn't remember it. For a while when he would get made he'd say "freak" because I say that and he would even growl when he said it because that's what I always do when I say it! haha I'm laughing but it is SO not funny. I finally got him to stop saying that. Any ways. Just thought I'd share that story because we thought it was pretty funny. For all you mommies that read this you can feel a little bit better knowing that your kids aren't the only one who pick up bad habits from you! haha

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