Monday, March 2, 2009


I just wanted to share a quick story. The other day when we went to the playground with SJC, as we were getting ready to leave Julia was playing with her brother Colin who is about 5 months old, and she said, "Your the best pet ever!" or something to that effect. We all laughed. Later that same day was when I took those cute pictures of Kayla from the previous post. If you look back at the pictures, there is one of Tyler kissing Kayla. Part of Tyler's OCD is that sometimes if he does something, like kiss Kayla, then we all have to do it after. So after he kissed her he says, "Daddy,you kiss her." When Daddy kissed her she poked him in the eye. Cody yelled, "Ahh she poked me in the eye" and then we all laughed. Then Tyler says, "I'm gonna poke her in the eye!" and before either of us could respond, he poked her right in the eye! It startled us and we started laughing but told him we dont' poke Kayla in the eye. And again, Tyler has OCD and then he said, "I'm gonna poke myself in the eye" and he did! Thank goodness Kayla's eyes were actually closed when he did it. His eyes were closed when he poked himself too. It was so funny though. I would be doing something later that night and just replay it in my head and would just start cracking up. It was just one of those things.

Today we had a ROUGH day. Is it bad that I was tempted to crush up half of a viccodin and put it in Tyler's juice? I am kidding of course, but so not....haha

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Yeah...I've had those days...