Monday, March 23, 2009

Potty training sucks

We were making great progress on the potty training until mommy went into the hospital. Then when I came home and was out of commission for a couple of days it totally messed him up. We can't even get Tyler to sit on the potty any more and it is very frustrating. This is supposed to be a fun post though. He has to flush the toilet always. It doesn't matter if I went, he went, the mail man went...he has to flush it. So when he started going on the potty he would flush the toilet and say "Bye pee-pee" or "bye poop-pooh" It made me laugh. Well, While I was still pregnant we went to story at the library and then were meeting Sarah and the kids for lunch. I had to go to the bathroom so I decided to go at the library. It is a typical bathroom with a handicapped stall and a regular one. Tyler chose the handicapped one and we went. I did my business and then Tyler says, "Can I flush it!" He runs over, flushes the toilet and proceeds to say REALLY LOUD, "Bye mommy's poop-pooh" I immediately started laughing and was completely embarrassed at the same time. What was the most embarrassing was that all I had done was number 1! But for some reason lately all he says is, "Bye poop-pooh" haha It doesn't matter what you actually do. I know this was a story that could have gone untold but I wanted to make sure I remembered it so I wanted to write it down. I love funny things like this. While I am writing and talking about bodily functions, any suggestions on getting him back to going on the potty? Cody and I are thinking we need to just throw some underwear on him and let him keep wetting himself until he decides to use the potty again. I know that sounds awful but we have tried so many things....a potty chart with stickers, treats, praise...prizes. We have run out of ideas. Any suggestions?

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kailiaelf said...

We threw underwear on him and let him wet/poop himself. It was frustrating at first, but he started getting it. We also told him that only big boys who go potty get to go to school. That helped alot. Now I just need to find a school. The poop part took longer than the pee, and one day he just did it and stopped having accidents. Good luck!