Sunday, March 22, 2009

Saying Goodbye

With all visits, they have to come to an end eventually. My parents visit was just too short. We had some fun the last couple of days though. We went into Waco and shopped at Target. Tyler got spoiled by grandma and grandpa. I told him he could pick out one toy and he wanted two of course and so grandma and grandpa had me buy one so that they could get him the other one. My mom couldn't handle his pouty face! In fact, she talked about his pouty face the rest of their trip. The next day was Friday and we hung out at home. They helped me clean my junk room up. It was nice to get done. Then when Cody got home from work, him and I snuck away for a minute to our storage shed to get out all of our baby stuff that was still in there. When we were done, we picked everyone up and headed to our favorite place to eat on a Friday night, El Tapatio. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM It was delicious ( as Tyler would say ). We took pictures twice this day of my parents with the kids. All together I probably took about 30 pictures and only about 2 of them turned out. That's how it goes when trying to take pictures of a 3 year old. I am proud to say that Kayla has slept from 11 to 4:30 straight in her crib the last 3 nights in a row. You have no idea how happy that makes me, SERIOUSLY!

Yesterday was dedicated to the drive back to Austin to drop my parents off. My mom kept saying she wasn't going to cry this time which is like a teenage girl saying she isn't going to buy Twilight the day it comes out! He hugged Cody good bye ( he stayed home with Kayla ) and already started crying and the car wasn't even on yet! DOH! I kept looking back in the rearview mirror and she would be crying and she would say, "He keeps looking at me and smiling!" He meaning Tyler. So I said, "Okay mom, I will tell him to knock that off right away!" haha He cried when we dropped them off but we got lucky. Some little kid had had a toy in a bag and was already opened and had left it on the ground. My parents asked around and it wasn't any ones ( this was out side by the curb where I think someone was packing a car to leave and forgot to grab it ) so it became the toy grandma bought Tyler! ) He played with it the whole way home and is still playing with it today non stop.

Well my dad's throat was bothering him while he was here and now we all have sore throats too. We stayed home from church today to try and rest and get rid of the sickiness. I hope we'll be better tomorrow. Tyler and I both have blisters on our throat so I hope it gets better. Enjoy the pictures

On our way to dinner...I took about ten here outside and this was the best one...

The girls...

The best of the second round of pictures. This one turned out much better

Kayla and grandma

Kayla smiling at the ceiling fan

Kayla and her new quilt my mom made her

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