Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Pizza and the Play ground!

We had a fun day today! Well, I guess the day is still not over so there is much more fun to be had!! I got up and had my 6 week check up. My doctor says I have healed up completely. YEAH! I had a blood test to see if my iron levels are getting close to being normal again. We'll see in a couple of days when my test results come back. After my appointment I came and picked everyone up ( but Cody who was at work ). We went to Tyler's favorite place to eat, which is a pizza place. We got pizza and then went over to the play ground. We got some good pictures. It rained here several days in a row and now is nice and sunny. The flowers are coming out and the trees are starting to get new leaves. It's very nice out side and pretty. I love it! This first picture is Kayla with the quilt my mom just made her.

Tyler and momma

Isn't it great what grandpa's teach their grandsons!?!

Tyler kept holding his one leg up and then saying, "Look at me! I did it!" So I had all three of them do it..

"Look at me guys! TADA!"

My moms smile is kind of weird here but I love the way Tyler has his hand on both of my parents knees.

Now we are about to make some chicken enchiladas and then watch American Idol! It's a good day all around...


Kevin said...

Your dad is so typical... putting his hand on your mom's butt like that when they take a picture.... sheesh! :)

Kade and Emily said...

I'm glad you have recovered well from having Kayla. What an experience!