Friday, March 13, 2009

Many faces of Tyler

We were playing around at the table the other night when I decided to get my camera out and start taking some pictures. Then Tyler wanted me to take some of him.
i asked him to make some faces for me. He learned this from a Blues Clues episode. Go figure.





Sleepy ( I think he looks more drunk, but whatever...)


I call this one CHEESEBALL

And here is his new hair cut!

And this one I took last night. My parents are flying here tomorrow and so last night I was cleaning. Cody and Kayla knocked out on the couch. I thought it was so cute that both of their mouths were wide open!

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Stacor said...

I love the last one. I have a picture of Jesse and Maximus doing the same thing. How one earth do you have such perfect lighting in all your pictures?!