Friday, March 13, 2009

365 the month of February

I can't believe I got a whole month behind! DOH! Actually I can believe it but it is so disappointing. It's very hard to go back and find and figure out what days you took what pictures. In fact I can't find a picture for Feb 12th but I am almost 100 percent certain I took one. Here are my pictures from Feb 7th on...

Feb 8

Feb 9

Feb 10

Feb 11

Feb 12th ???

Feb 13

Feb 14

Feb 15

Feb 16

Feb 17

Feb 18

Feb 19

Feb 20

Feb 21

Feb 22

Feb 23

Feb 24

Feb 25

Feb 26

Feb 27

Feb 28

I know I haven't been explaining these but this one I will....I was doing the dishes and Tyler went and got all his plastic dishes from his tea set and put them in the dish washer. I just thought it was cute! haha

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