Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Babysitting Madison

We had the pleasure of Babysitting my niece Madison last night. I picked her up from day care after 5 and Cody went and got pizza. Cody was having fun torturing the kids! haha They were having lots of fun.

I love how the second picture of them Madison's legs are all crazy! She has one foot in one area and one in another. She's flexible.

The kids were having fun but Tyler was having a little bit of difficulty sharing his toys. So I decided to put the kids in the bath tub. They had a blast. since my blog is public and Madison isn't my kid, there are few pictures I can post of the tub. Here are a couple

Madison had dark blue toe nails and I HAD to take a picture!

So then Tyler had to have his feet pictured too!

Here they are in their Hooded towels

And here they are all clean with their PJ's on!

It was a fun night!

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Kade and Emily said...

What fun pictures. We sure have cute neices and nephews!