Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Tyler has decided over the last couple of weeks that swinging on swings is his new passion and that's ALL he wants to do when we go to the park. Then he started closing his eyes when we were swinging him. I guess it feels cooler that way. I never really thought any thing of it. It's nice because when he is swinging I have his attention and we usually count backwards and forward to 20 and also go over the alphabet, plus I always do his sign language and have him tell me what I am signing. For instance today while he was swinging I saw a truck and I said "Red truck" and I signed red. Then he said "white truck" and signed white. I kind of ignored him but he kept signing white. Finally I turned around and there was a white truck right next to the red one! haha So then I started getting bored after the first 30 minutes of swinging and he didn't want to get down. I called my sister and started talking to her. Tyler was closing his eyes and I kept saying "TYler" and he would smile or something. Finally I started to worry because he wasn't responding. I told my sister that I thought he was asleep. I stopped his swing and couldn't get him to open his eyes. Then he threw up! Yeah, he had given himself motion sickness from closing his eyes! So it was an interesting trip to the play ground. I took some cute pictures that I wanted to post because you can see how happy he was before he lost his lunch! haha Then the last picture you can see how it's taken effect. :) Cody came to the rescue and brought us napkins! Thank goodness because I didn't have any wipes in my purse. DOH!


Crystal said...

Aww how sad! I bet he was bummed when he puked! =( Poor kid! That is hilarious though!

kailiaelf said...

I'm sorry you had a mess, but at least you have a fun story to tell us!