Friday, April 25, 2008


Every Friday night is the same for us. Cody gets home from work, we take Tyler to the play ground ( or the PG as we like to call it ) and then met Stacie, Madison and Kurt ( if he is feeling up to it ) at El Tapatio. It's SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo good. It's just this hole in the wall Mexican restaurant in our town but it is just so yummy. We actually went there for dinner on Tuesday night too! haha Once when I was pregnant we went there for breakfast. They actually have two of them in our little town and both of them are always packed! That's how good it is. So any ways. We went there for breakfast then we hung out with Kurt, Stacie and Madison and they suggested we go there for a late lunch/early dinner. Cody and I were down for that because we loved it but we suggested we go to the one just on the other side of town since we had gone to the other one that morning. We figured then we didn't have to feel dumb going into the same place twice in the same day! Boy were we wrong. Not only did we feel dumb enough for going there twice in the same day, we had the SAME waitress! haha NO JOKE. She must have worked the morning shift at one and then gone to the other one for the afternoon.

Any ways. Tonight I took a couple of pictures after wards of us playing in the parking lot because that for the kids is the funniest part.

Madison posing

Madison and Kurt "hugging"

Tyler and Aunt Stacie

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Crystal said...

When you said the name of the restaurant I was thinking it was that one that we always went to in Baldwin Park... wait no, I can't remember. La Tolteca? Or something like that. Good times!