Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Inflatable Fun Land

We went on an adventure with Sarah and Julia today. We drove to Temple and went to a place called "Inflatable Fun Land" It had tons of bounce houses which I figured Tyler would be ALL over. We put him in one and I threw him down the slide and he started crying! It scared him. This kid lives to jump so I was really surprised that it freaked him out so much. Give him a year and I think he'll be all over this place. As of right now, they had a blast just playing with all the soft stuff. Here are some pictures.

Oh and I meant to write in here the other day that as I was scrubbing my shower on Monday I came to a realization: IT WAS THE LAST TIME I WILL HAVE TO SCRUB IT!!! When Cody gets home next week we are ripping it all out and putting new tile. I can't freaking WAIT!


Crystal said...

You stole my shirt... dang it. =)

Gotta love walmart! Did you get any other colors?

Roundy Clan said...

Haha I just bought it for my birthday! 7 bucks and it fits perfect! WOO HOO

kailiaelf said...

How fun! I wish we had Inflatable Fun Land here!