Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Being Crafty

I have had the urge a lot lately to be crafty! I started making coasters about a month ago and never finished them. Then about two weeks ago or so I finally made the last two. Now whenever I remember, I put another layer of the glaze over them. I wanted to share them with you because I think they turned out really cute!

Also, I bought some shadow boxes on friday and they ended up being too small for what I wanted to do. So Saturday I begged Cody to take me to Big Lots so I could try and find some more. Heehee. I LOVE Big Lots! I could spend hundreds of dollars there if I wanted too. Any ways. I found two shadow boxes that were only 5 bucks each so I got them. I have been wanting to put Tyler's hosiptal shirt and beanie in a shadow box. I did this yesterday and I really like how it turned out except the one looks a little boring with a white back ground. So sometime in the next couple of days I am going to make a new background for it so it isn't quite so plain. With the other shadow boxes I bought that weren't big enough I made something else. I had also been wanting to put one of tyler's first books in a shadow box. Tyler was obsessed with eating his books when he was little. We thought it was so funny. So I saved the cover of his favorite one and you can see just how much he chewed it. It was a good thing we had it memorized because on some pages he had chewed the words off! haha He's a crazy boy but I love him. So he are those.

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kailiaelf said...

Cute! I love it all!