Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Kids Say the Darndest Things

My parents had a book when I was younger called, "Kids say the darndest things" It was a funny book. I can't remember what any of it said but I do remember reading it and us all laughing. Well, my kids say and DO the darndest things!

Last week during our lesson at church, I was showing the kids pictures and then asking them who was in the picture? The first three all had Jesus in them so when I held up the 4th picture of the three black guys holding a black baby and giving her a blessing and then asked, "Who is in THIS picture?" It should NOT have surprised me to hear Tyler exclaim, "JESUS!"

He said something else recently that I am desperately trying to remember so I could write it down but nothing is coming to me. Kayla did just do something funny, although she doesn't talk yet. She is the BIGGEST fatty! And by fatty, I mean she eats anything and everything. She is as skinny as can be though. She KNOWS if you have food and will crawl over to you and beg like a dog. It's hysterical, yet really annoying. Last night we went and got ice cream as part of our Family Home Evening and she stood right at Daddy's legs and would scream pretty much every time he gave HIMSELF a bite of ice cream and not her one. Also while in Utah we went to a eat at a Mexican food place. I was feeding her pears and they were cut up WAY to big for her so I was trying to cut them up smaller. She was getting impatient so I grabbed one of my black beans, smashed it on my finger and shoved it in her mouth. Yeah, she even TOUCH the pears after that! She just wanted to black beans.

My sister was eating some ice cream and Kayla crawled on over to her and let Aunt Kristy feed her ice cream until it was all gone. Then my dad got some ice cream and she through over Aunt Kristy for some "grandpa" time. When his was gone, she was done with him too. Then she noticed Aunt Kristy was getting something out of the Kitchen and she proceeded to watch her walk over to the couch with a soda and she crawled over to her as fast as she could! haha She doesn't get soda silly girl!

Any ways, juts now she had green beans, mac and cheese and a cookie for lunch. She had chocolate on her face so I took her to the sink, put water on my hands and tried to wipe her face off with the water. She made it very difficult because she was trying to SUCK the water off of my hands! LITTLE FATTY I SWEAR!

On a side note, do you have kids who are 3 or 4 and don't know how to read? DO you have a computer? Do you have internet? If so, try going to www.starfall.com and checking it out. My bestie Sarah found the web site and her daughter who is 4 months YOUNGER then Tyler has already taught herself to read! Now she is one smart cookie but I think any kid can figure it out if they spent a little bit of time on it a couple of times a week. Tyler has gotten to the stage where he doens't nap because then he can't sleep at night. But he drives me NUTS when he is up ALL day and I don't get my break. Plus, I always have a million things I wanted to do during that nap time. So I have started letting him use my lap top to try out starfall.com and he is doing great! He now knows several words he didn't know before and is starting to recognize them in all sorts of places like the super market. It is so nice to see him improving. I think the poor kid takes after his mom and is a little dyslexic. He mixes the beginning of the word up with the last part of the word and things like that. Here are some pictures of him writing on his chalk board. We didn't help him at ALL

his name

CAT which we didn't teach him, he learn the web site

and some slllllllight sucking up...

Nana! And he was so proud to have done it by himself!

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Fultmeyer Clan said...

Ha ha! Forrest is a fatty as well but he has the baby rolls to prove it. No ice cream for him yet, but I'm just waiting to come home one night and see him sucking on a stick of butter or something my MIL has given him....geesh....
though he seems to like all foods for the time being, though absolutely prefers table food. Last night was lasagna, and the night before that crab! Man, I've never seen a baby happier....:-)