Thursday, December 31, 2009


Sunday was our anniversary. It was.....not the best. I got peed on at church ( we were only there for about an hour ). Then Tyler peed all over himself during his nap ( but him and Kayla DID nap for a good two hours or so! ) Then my computer crashed! I spent like two hours backing up all my pictures that were not on my external hard drive yet. Cody then tried to help my sick lap top but we had to wait cause we needed to buy something for it. It is back up and running just needed a little help. Unfortunately for me, I don't have anything on here now. No pictures, no programs...nothing. I have to down load a bunch of stuff again and put my pictures back. It will be a slow process. Figures since I was already slow putting stuff up here.

Cody leaves soon and when he is gone I always have mroe time to myself so I promise to try and get some blogs written and pictures posted so y'all can officially stalk me again.

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and is having a good New Years eve. Cody and I are watching Batman Begins on Blue Ray ( he is VERY excited to be watching a Blue Ray ) and then we are going to kiss at Midnight and go to sleep. I feel so old...

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One Precious Life said...

Hey at least you're planning on staying awake till midnight.I'll probably do 10pm. lol