Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Christmas Miracle!

Okay it was probably more of a Thanksgiving miracle but I just found out about it. Our neighbor who was in the motor cycle accident is okay! We have been wanting to call his wife but she is never home and we didn't want to bug her. Cody's phone started ringing about an hour ago and I saw the caller ID said his name. I figured it was his wife calling with an update. I didn't get the phone to Cody in time so he called his number back and HE answered. I could hear him talking to Cody on the other end and he sounded completely normal. Cody is going to go visit him sometime this week. How exciting! I am so thrilled for his family. I didn't mention this in the last post but right before his accident one of his sister in laws died and then a couple of days later his brother actually killed himself RIGHT after he left his house. It had already been a rough week or so for them and then a week or two later he had his accident. SO glad it is turning out to be okay. So just remember that prayers do work and sometimes doctors advice isn't always the right decision.

Early Merry Christmas everyone!


One Precious Life said...

Thats the miracle of prayer at its best. So glad eveything is working out.

Kristy Lou said...

Oh good!!