Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tyler's Valentines day present

I never know what to do for Tyler for holidays because we don't give him a lot of candy...in fact, up until November he didn't really know what chocolate was. Now he request chocolate and it makes his grandpa Shane proud! haha I love ordering digital prints from various places on line. They also have things like photo books, posters, neck ties, mugs and other things you can do with your pictures these days. One of the sites I love is called Shutterfly. They are a little more expensive then a lot of the other photo sites but I think there quality is better so you get what you pay for. They have books that you can get for kids where it puts them in a Sesame Street story. Its extremely expensive though and so I never, EVER thought I would actually make one. Then back in January we went to Target, one of our family favorites, and I came across some sale items, another family favorite! I was looking around and they had several things that said shutterfly on them. Shutterfly and Target teamed up so that you can actually upload pictures on line and then pick them up at Target along with other things. Also Target had some of the mugs and other things you can buy also for sale in the store. What you do is pay for it and then it gives you a code to enter into your account on line and then you make it on line like you normally would. I was looking through all of the different things they had and I saw the Sesame Street books! I was so excited because...don't freak out on me BUT normally they are 40 dollars plus 8 dollars for standard shipping! Yeah, I know. WAY to expensive. At Target they were on sale for only 28 dollars and the shipping was FREE! We went a head and bought it and made it for Tyler for Valentine's day. It turned out so cute and I am so happy with how he responded as well. I wanted to post some pictures. If you think this is a cute idea and want to check it out, go to shutterfly.com the only thing is I have NEVER seen these kids books on sale on the web site! Everything else goes on sale all the time but the kids books don't. Next time you are at Target, look to see if they have any in the electronic section back where they sell things like computer ink. Thats where it was at our Target any ways. Also if you go and sign up for their web site, you get 20 free prints and if you tell them you signed up because of me, I will get some free prints as well. There are other web sites as well though. Here are a few:

Any ways. ENJOY the pictures and create some memories with your digital prints! I will warn you that it is VERY addicting!

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