Friday, February 22, 2008

Back tracking

Today is supposed to be one of the most romantic days of the year. Everyone is supposed to go out on dates and romance each other. Its about flowers, candy, cards and kissing. I have come to a realization a minute ago that I wanted to share with everyone. I have always been a romantic person. I am taken back to a particular Valentines day in the 8th grade where you could buy Valentine grams for your friends and they would be delivered throughout the day during your classes. I didn't expect to get any really and I don't remember if I bought one for anyone else either. I didn't have a boyfriend at the time and I was a little down. The world tells you that if you do not have a special someone on this day you are a NO BODY WHO NO ONE LOVES! I went to school looking the same as any other day and to my surprise three of my best friends, Becky, Chanelle and Ruben had all bought me the message grams. There may have been some other people who also gave me gifts as well. I felt so loved and it had nothing to do with romance, but friendship and love.

This is how I feel today. Tyler and I have been hanging out all day and all of his kids shows have been about showing love. He keeps coming up and hugging me and moaning, which to Tyler means 'I love you!' Its been wonderful. When I got up this morning there was a simple card on my lap top from Cody telling me how much he loves me. It was perfect. We were planning on going to dinner with his brother and his wife. The kids were going to stay home with a baby sitter ( which we NEVER do ) and it was going to be romantic. Stacie and Kurt are both sick and can't make it. We decided yesterday that if they still weren't feeling well Cody and I would just go to dinner by ourselves. Stacie wrote me an e-mail to let me know that they are still not feeling up to going out. I called Cody to see what he wanted to do and him and I had the same thing in mind. "Let's just hang out with Tyler." Cody said. I had been thinking the same thing. Then he said, "We can go get some pizza." Which was amazing to me because I had the EXACT same thing in mind. So I am going to keep Tyler up from his nap today and when Cody gets off of work we are going to meet him at the playground and play. Then we are going to get some pizza and watch a movie. Then put Tyler to bed early and cuddle up on the couch! This is perfect in my mind. Who needs all the romance? I used to think I did but its so funny how when you get married and start a family things change. Valentines day is SUPPOSED to be a day to celebrate your love for family and friends. It doesn't have to be romantic. Today going to the playground, getting some pizza and cuddling on the couch sounds absolutely perfect! To all those who read this, I love you! You are what this day is all about and I hope you spend it with your loved ones in a way that is right for you! Enjoy each others company and tell each other how much they mean!

This was something I wrote for another blog and I wanted to share it here. We really did have a great Valentines day. When Cody got home from work he told me he had a surprise for me. It was a new printer! I was so excited because we have been needing one so bad. I actually tried making something for Cody for Valentines day that involved the printer and I couldn't get it to print right and didn't get to make it so I told him I would make it for him now while he is gone on his trip and he will have it when he gets home. Any ways. It was a nice day and I was grateful we got to spend it together as a family.

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